Kit Murray Maloney is on a mission to celebrate women's bodies, pleasure, and  orgasms for global healing. 
For the last two decades Kit's been an activist, academic, and entrepreneur committed to channeling her passion for gender equity into a celebration of women's sexual pleasure. She's earned a Masters degree in Gender and Social Policy from the London School of Economics and has been featured in Marie Claire and Glamour magazines.

Kit launched O'actually as a multi-media platform for open, honest dialogue to release taboo of women's self pleasure and to promote beautiful erotic work made by women for women. 

Kit's a 200hr certified yoga teacher and an avid world traveler. She's studied under global thought leaders and world class healers.
“Kit’s support, authenticity, deep love, wisdom, and clarity have make her an incredible and invaluable confidant. Kit’s tuned in to the slightest details and nuances of relationships, and she is always my go-to for advice on how to handle tricky situations with grace and strength. Anyone would be extremely lucky to be able to coach with her.”
“Kit is a priestess of sexual healing. Her wisdom and insight around sexuality, sexual energy, and healing any wounds from that place has helped heal me in ways I didn’t know I needed.”
“Kit is a TOTAL GODDESS. I thought I was open and down to talk about anything. Kit takes openness, expansion and vulnerability to a whole new level. Because I’m an entrepreneur and have been for years now, because I’m willing to talk about alllll the things, because I’ve experienced A LOT for my age, it’s often hard for me to find other women who can BE WITH everything I bring to the table. Kit is that woman. She holds you. She gets you. She loves you. If you’re looking to expand around pleasure and open to possibility, work with this lovely lady.”
“Kit is able to deliver her sharp poignant perspective while embodying the feminine, heart-based leadership that the world needs right now. Especially when it comes to sexuality, there is just so much anger, pain & trauma around this topic that we need someone like Kit to come in cut through the BS and remind us women’s pleasure should be at the top of all of our agendas because the world is simply a better place with happy, sensually-nourished women. Kit is the courageous leader we need for this much-needed pleasure revolution.”
You might already know me quite well. We might just be meeting for the very first time. Regardless, my big heart-felt HELLO AND WELCOME.

My name is Kit Murray Maloney. I'm the founder and CEO of O'actually. I left my job nearly 6 years ago to found O'actually and I've been working on issues of women's sexuality and sexual health since I was seventeen years old. That's two decades of a tremendous amount of intention, effort, and interest into how we answer some deep and important questions about what it means to be a women in our world today. For me, what has come up throughout my life, as far back as my teen years, is this question around our sexuality. How we honor it? How we celebrate it? How it fits into our lives?

I went to college aware of campus rape culture and wanting to be a part of changing it. As a student leader I worked on a range issues addressing sexual violence on campus. That work led me to get my masters at London School of Economics in Gender and Social Policy where I pursued study of gender theory, international law, and cross-national policies regarding gender based violence.

I then bounced in and out of the work. The issues had become too heavy for me to sustain. The truth behind that was that I had not yet faced and healed my own sexual trauma.

I knew the magnitude of pain and trauma in the world. I started O'actually because I wanting to know, where do we go for what we do want? Where do we go to celebrate? Where do we go to deepen into our pleasure? Where do we go to talk about orgasms and deeper sexual connection to our partners and ourselves? Where do we go to release taboo around fantasy, sex-toys, and solo-sex? Where do we go to celebrate our bodies and our juiciness? Where do we go for that?! That was the birth of O'actually.

O'actually was founded on the belief that if we celebrate and honor women's bodies, women's sexual pleasure, and female orgasms we're helping to heal and better the world. A huge piece of that is releasing the taboo around solo-sex for women. As you know, I believe tremendously in women having a solo-sex practice - thus the Pleasure Pledge! Deep gratitude for your participation in it. It is such a strong signal to ourselves and the world the we exist wired for pleasure. What a gift, symbol, and metaphor! We have all of our resources within us. Do we want to give and receive from others - absolutely! And the truth is we can also always come home to ourselves.

Along the way with O'actually, I've been on my own healing and growth journey. Turns out that founding a company on pleasure puts you on a turbo-charged path! In the past years, I have done the work. I've faced my trauma. I've come from victim to survivor with my experience with rape. I've come to a place of complete acceptance of my decision to terminate a pregnancy. I've come to a place of not only acceptance, but a love and reverence for my body that I never imagined possible. My body stories were dark and blocked me from going after relationships, opportunities, and even jobs. Through this work I've coming into healing, acceptance, love, and appreciation for myself. I've let go of those dark stories and stepped into deep reverence for my body, my beauty, my power. I've also stepped away from a long-term sexless relationship and into the most fulfilling relationship of my life.

Those are some of the big moments, the big key things to know about me. I have been committed to this work for decades. I am here with you. We all have our own path and are on our own journey. I am with you in the engagement.

The 2nd Chakra Circle was designed to give you a place to celebrate your pleasure, your healing, and your growth. It's a safe and guided sisterhood that honors your time and your budget.

Each Month:

* One 2hour Community Call with me. This is a chance for you to witness and engage. Listening to what is coming up for others is a powerful way to learn and better understand yourself. Or that month you might want to pop in just for your opportunity to talk with me about your particular query. This gives us an awesome chance to connect and have me better understand what you're working on at that time and how I can most potently support you. Recordings of these calls will be sent to you within 24hrs of the live discussion.

* One 2hour Community Call with me AND A GUEST MENTOR.
I have so much gratitude to the women who have said yes to being a guest mentor for this circle. They are incredible coaches, authors, and healers. I know them and their work personally. I have hand selected these women because I know the power of their message and the deep wisdom they have to share. There practices will guide us into unimaginable self love.
On this call, there will be time for you to hear a live dialogue between me and the guest mentor. You'll come knowing who the mentor is, knowing their body of work and their expertise. You'll come with your own question for your to explore with her. Recordings of these calls will also be sent to you within 24hrs of the live discussion.

* Private Facebook Group for the 2nd Chakra Circle for support. I will be there. The guest mentors will be there. I will be guiding the group but also there to witness the support of other sisters. We have such a wealth of wisdom in women. We just need more and more opportunities to share it. This group is a special cauldron for that witnessing, engagement, and celebration. When the big breakthroughs happen and you desire sisters from all over the world giving you a big hug and high five, this is where it will happen!

*Worksheets and Mantras to support the change and growth! The power of mantra in its own right is completely game changing and able to shift years of previous blocks and negative beliefs.

*Meditation or Movement Practice aligned with the theme for the month and recorded and sent to you. Every month!

There is A TON there. So juicy. Super powerful. The shared wisdom of life-times packaged in a truly accessible way.

There's no totality of completion when it comes to healing and growth. It is a practice. We have all sorts of memberships - yoga, gym, spa - to help us in areas of our life that we know must continue. That's why the circle is monthly and continuous. Your initial YES is a three month commitment to sit with us and engage, heal, and grow through pleasure.

The investment is just $127 for THREE MONTHS! Three live calls with me, three more live calls with me and access to a guest mentor, a supportive sisterhood, worksheets, meditations, mantras, and movement classes! That's A LOT for just $127! Sign up today and you're automatically in for just $44 per month thereafter. And of course you can cancel anytime. 

My love,

P.S. Don't know about chakras?! All good! All you need to know about the 2nd Chakra is that it's the energy of your womb space and is guided by pleasure. It houses your relationship to sex, sexuality, and intimacy, as well as our money and creativity. It's a super juicy spot. 
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